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"The very best sales training program and the very best hospitality sales trainer I have ever seen!"

-Lawrence Yates
Director of Rev. Mgt. 
Westmont Hospitality Group

Operating since 1987, Steinhart & Associates is recognized as one of the premiere hospitality sales and marketing consulting firms in the United States satisfying a highly specialized niche by concentrating on three specific areas of demand.

The first area of demand is the facilitation of the Accelerated Hospitality Sales Training programs. To date over 40,000 hospitality sales people have completed these outstanding training programs. Developed by hospitality sales people for hospitality sales people, Phases One through Four coach precise sales techniques from entry level to highly sophisticated. Recognized for being able to mix experienced sales personnel with rookies these training programs are highly regarded for their ability to allow attendees to realize increased productivitythe very first day they return to their offices.

Each Phase is custom designed to fit the needs and the personality of the participants. Further, an extensive aftercare program is included that will monitor progress as well as to maintain the training momentum that is developed in the field.

The second area of demand is monitoring, auditing or re-developing a hospitality sales organization. Clients include those that are buying an existing or building a new facility. Programs include feasibility studies, marketability studies, demand analysis, market share analysis, competitive analysis and the development of short and long term business plans.

The third area of demand includes consultation of the sales and marketing efforts. Whether this be with a specific location, company conference or simply speaking at an industry function, Steinhart & Associates remains on the cutting edge of how cheap tag heuer the sales and marketing effort needs to remain the thrust of revenue generation and customer satisfaction.

In 2017 was published offering the very best exercises to Directors of Sales to facilitate with their teams.