"This is more than just training... this has impacted our entire sales culture."

-Janice Russell
VP Sales & Marketing, 
Stepstone Hotels


To continue to accelerate the training of experienced sales managers as it relates to the refinement of existing, and introduction of new selling skills that will establish action steps in order to achieve increased productivity.

  1. Introduction
  2. Quick Review of Material from Phase I
  3. Advanced Negotiating & Role Playing
  4. Advanced Closing & Role Playing
  5. Establishing Goals, Objectives and Action Steps
  6. How to Conduct Effective Site Inspections
  7. How to Get More Out of Your Sales Meetings
  8. The Dynamics of Target Markets
    1. Association
    2. Corporate
    3. S.M.E.R.F.
    4. Business Travel
    5. Catering
  9. Selective Selling & Role Playing
  10. Soliciting the Travel Agent & Wholesaler Markets
  11. How to implement this new material into your daily routine


To date, nearly 27,000 hospitality salespeople have completed this advanced program. As in Phase One, self analysis quizzes, team tracks and role playing scenarios are the thrust of this sophisticated training series.