"Rookies & Veterans alike are jazzed."

-Mike Boyer
Director of Sales - Sonesta Hotels

Primary Goals

To introduce the most advanced leadership, coaching and monitoring tools in an effort to accelerate the productivity of senior sales personnel.

  1. Common Denominators of Effective Leaders
    1. Coaching Leadership
    2. Coaching Pitfalls
    3. Coaching Self Evaluation Quiz
  2. Implementing the Matrix
    1. Destroy the Competition Quiz
    2. Building Your Matrix – Team Exercise
  3. Selective Selling
    1. Team Exercise
  4. Effective Recruiting Techniques
    1. Competitor’s Recruiting Log
    2. Grow Your Own Recruits
    3. Idea Faire #1
  5. Effective Interviewing Techniques
    1. Before the Interview
    2. Do’s and Don’ts
  6. Articulate Sales’ Goals
    1. Ensure the Goals are Understood
  7. Monitoring & Retaining Your Sales People
    1. Measuring Performance
    2. Coaching Areas of Weakness
    3. Idea faire #2 - Celebrating Success
    4. Case Studies
    5. Growing Market Share
    6. Increase R.R.I.
  8. Interacting with Other Departments
    1. Effective Communication of Sales Needs
    2. Proper Chain of Command
    3. Visionary Self Evaluation Quiz
  9. Phone Shops
  10. Including the G.M. in the Sales Process
  11. Community Involvement of your Salespeople
  12. Taking Advantage of your Lead Sources
    1. CVB’s
    2. NSO’s
    3. CVENT
  13. Booking Case Studies
  14. Identifying Your Strengths and Weaknesses
    1. Self Analysis Evaluation
This advanced program will immediately impact persons responsible for hiring, coaching, developing and monitoring their sales and service teams.