"This is more than just training... this has impacted our entire sales culture."

-Janice Heath
VP Sales & Marketing, 
Stepstone Hotels

The training programs have received excellent feedback resulting in increased productivity for nearly 100% of the over 40,000 hospitality sales managers that have participated.

For the inexperienced sales managers we cover material that they will immediately be able to implement into their daily routines. For the more experienced sales managers the material will act as reminders and reinforce the tools and techniques that have been identified as common denominators amongst truly successful hotel sales people.

General Managers and support staff are encouraged to attend. This program will assist in accelerating their understanding of the sales process, provide them with tools to monitor the sales effort, develop revenue enhancement, grow market share and even has a section dedicated to how they can be more productive and involved in sales.

Each Phase is suggested to last two days in length and involves self-analysis quizzes as well as role playing which both help to accelerate the learning process.

Above all, these programs are designed by hospitality sales managers for hospitality sales managers. The material, techniques and tools that will be covered can be implemented into their daily routine the very first day they return to their offices.