"We are in a better position to deliver better service than ever before."

-Becky Nelson
Sioux Valley Medical Hospital

Steinhart & Associates is an active advocate in "healthcare hospitality". Recognizing that hospitals and medical centers want to provide services and amenities similar to full-service hotels we design programs placing greater emphasis on patient satisfaction through improved service-oriented cultures and amenities. Each component’s goal is to create an environment that offers patients a sense of hospitality and improved healing.

A study will be conducted to suggest specific action steps that will enhance existing hospital satisfaction by adding services and amenities similar to those offered in the hospitality industry.

The study will contain an analysis of existing and potential services and amenities to determine opportunities for enhancement.

Often including Gallup and/or Press Gainey reviews, a recommended preliminary service and amenity program will be suggested. Further, based on the implementation of these services and amenities a marketing position and strategy will be offered. The recommendation will include specific services and amenities that have been successfully executed by the best service providers in the hospitality industry.