"The aftercare program is incredibly effective in supporting the in the field programs. Really maintains the momentum gained!"

-Marina McDonald
VP Sales & Marketing, Red Roof Inns

Perhaps the strength of the training program is Steinhart & Associates remains completely involved with the post-training activities in order to maintain the momentum created in the field and to monitor the results.

Steinhart and Associates will distribute the monitoring vehicles upon conclusion of each cluster session.

The monitoring vehicles will consist of Monthly and Year To Date Charts, (Production Analysis Charts), that measure each hotel's actual revenue production versus their goals. Revenue Goals will be based upon those established in each hotel's Marketing Plan. It is intended that these charts will be displayed prominently in each sales office and updated on a monthly basis by the Director of Sales. There will be no charge for the design of this tool.

A post training monitoring checklist will be provided to insure that program material introduced into the field is being implemented.

Hotel Sales Smart Packs will be made available to the field. Only one unit is necessary per hotel. Each unit contains enough material for ten participants.

Q.P.E.R.T.’s, (Quarterly Progress Evaluation Regarding Training), will be administered by Steinhart & Associates. Each Q.P.E.R.T. will be developed by Steinhart & Associates, distributed to the field by corporate office and returned by the field to Steinhart & Associate's offices. Steinhart & Associates will "grade" the responses, compile the results, and forward the analysis to corporate office. The goal of each Q.P.E.R.T. is to provide a ten minute sexy prom dresses quiz that will ask each hotel's sales team to review the major components of the training programs to insure their implementation.

Steinhart & Associates will conduct Sales Phone Shops on a monthly basis. Corporate office will be responsible for providing the order of hotels to be shopped.